bookworm with the wine glass

I'll read almost anything. That's why it's hard to be in a book club with people, because apparently Schindler's List isn't book club material.

opener of sorts on passion

Reading has been always there for me. I grew up with parents who encouraged it. I had a mother who did the voices while reading the Hobbit, and a father who periodically gave me books worth reading. I was told in the third grade not to read between words in your spelling bee. I hated college because I didn't have enough time to read, and loved graduation because it meant I could read what I wanted on my time. 


I've been lucky that many people around me share my love of reading. Maybe not as passionate as I am, but it's always better to have a circle of friends with similar interests. 


I'll read almost anything. There's only a select number of genres I'll avoid. I like fiction, non fiction, historical fiction, biographies, series, comedies, dramas. I've cried reading books. I let the best ones imprint onto my soul, and become part of me in a little way. 


I truly love the escape and adventures you take in a book. I love to picture the characters, hear their voices inside my head, and let my mind get carried away in their story. I want to know what these characters think, their hopes and dreams, and wish them the best on their journey. I want to be swept away by their story, and love them passionately. I love the opportunity to visit this new world. 


I've read boom stories and I've read bad. I've hated books, I've loved them to pieces. I have loved characters and despised others. It's wonderful to experience this. 


I own a kindle, which has given me an opportunity to read beyond my bookshelf this year. It's opened the door to many books, and I'm thankful to carry my own personal bookshelf to fit in my purse. I still buy books, but now they must be special to me. Only the very best are now on display. They are the cream of the crop, or those waiting to have their spines cracked. Whatever medium it takes to get lost, I'll take it. 


My best friend since age 9 and I made a book club this past year. We decided to call it Pints and Pages. Our passion since summer has been reading about the Lost Generation, and my very slow descent into this fascinating era only makes me hungry for more on these writers and their true life stories. 


My favorites of all time include The Princess Bride, The Book Thief, Atonement, The Night Circus, A Nurse's Story, and of course the unforgettable series, Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. 


Those are my thoughts. Welcome to my chronicling of further thoughts.